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Carpet Lisle IL

Carpet Lisle IL

There’s nothing quite like the feel of quality Carpet Lisle IL beneath your feet in the comforts of your home! New carpet is easy on the eyes, too. Would your living spaces be served better with dark or light carpet? A few suggestions for making the choice include:

Dark Carpet

Darker tones are a fine option for a cozier vibe and a calming aesthetic. A major advantage to dark carpet is that your flooring will show less stains. Wine, dirt, or anything that has a tendency to spill is more noticeable on light carpet. This may be an important point to consider if you live in a home with a high volume of traffic from kids and pets.

Light Carpet

Light tones are a traditional, popular selection. Lighter carpet can provide you’re the rooms in your home with fresh, airy vibe. There are subtle differences, such as the distinction between eggshell white and cream.

If your household experiences a lot of foot traffic, you can anticipate the need to vacuum your light carpet more often. But don’t worry – our Carpet Lisle IL experts can offer some helpful tips on how to keep your carpet clean.

One strategy for managing stains or other carpet blemishes is to choose a light brown color. Stains will not only be less obvious, but the carpet will present a warmth to your living spaces.

When determining the color of your carpet as well as the color of paint you’re going to apply in specific rooms, it’s usually best to pick the color of the carpet first.

This is because you can select from different paint colors that will be a good match with the carpet of your choosing. The primary sources of color in living spaces are the ceiling, walls and carpet.

When you’re ready to give your home a refreshing upgrade at affordable prices, stop in our store in Bolingbrook – we’re minutes away from Lisle!

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