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Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL

Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL

Like most any other type of flooring option, carpet does not last indefinitely. But how can a homeowner know for sure when the time to comes to visit Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL and choose a replacement? A few factors such as age, degree of wear, stains, odors and even allergy symptoms can signal that it’s time to plan for new carpet.

If you’re not certain whether you should replace your carpet or not, keep reading so you’ll know what to look for to help guide your decision making:

-When was your existing carpet installed? The service life of carpet can be as long as 15 years. But how long a particular carpet will last depends upon the factors like the kind of carpet it is, the cushion beneath it, the fibers and the degree of wear the carpet is subject to.

As an example, the carpet in an extra bedroom where there’s minimal traffic will last longer than a carpet in a hallway that receives lots of traffic.

Homes with young children or pets will experience more carpet wear and tear than homes with quieter lifestyles. While there’s no one-size-fits-all way of determining when carpet reaches the end of its lifespan, there are generally physical signs that will alert you that it’s time to choose a replacement at Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL.

If you want to prolong your carpet’s life, depending upon your lifestyle, schedule professional cleaning every one to two years. Also, vacuum on a consistent basis and be sure to follow the care instructions on your carpet’s warranty. If your carpet is over 15 years old, replacing with something new from Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL will improve comfort and indoor air quality.

-Damage and wear. A number of factors can wear down carpet and carpet cushions to the point they start to show tears and wrinkles. Smaller tears can sometimes be repairable, but larger tears are usually not. Areas of a carpet that get a lot of traffic may display wear by their faded appearance.

Was your carpet once a vibrant, bright color but it now looks dirty regardless how often you vacuum and clean it? Stop in at our Carpet Stores Near Me Bolingbrook IL and take a look at the awesome selection of quality carpet we have available right now!

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Areas near doorways are frequently the first to show signs of wear. Although carpet color fade is not necessarily an automatic reason for replacement, it may be the right choice if you have that issue in addition to other signs of wear.

-Stains and odors, naturally, are among the most typical reasons why homeowners replace their carpet. Whether you have younger children or a pet that tends to make a mess now and then, stains and odors can do irreparable damage to carpet.

Allergies or respiratory problems. Older carpet often tends to retain mildew, mold and dirt particles. If you notice that you or others in your household are sniffling and sneezing more than normal lately, it could be due to aging carpet. Respiratory difficulties are another indicator that it’s time to invest in new carpet. Stuffy noses and coughing can all be linked to carpet that’s overdue for replacement.

If you are experiencing an increase in these unpleasant symptoms, consider how long you’ve had your carpet in your home. It’s better to keep ahead of those symptoms by promptly replacing carpet, instead of letting them cause allergies or respiratory for an extended time period.