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Carpet Stores Near Me Lisle IL

Carpet Stores Near Me Lisle IL

There are a number of ways homeowners can add appeal, comfort, performance, safety and value by installing new carpet.

-Adds style and beauty. Depending on the aesthetic you’d like to present, carpet can serve as either a neutral base or as a focus point with bright colors, creative patterns and interesting textures. Ultimately your choice will reflect how you personalize the living spaces in your home. With multiple colors and styles to consider at our Carpet Stores Near Me Lisle IL, the possibilities are wide open!

-Better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). If it seems like your allergies are acting up lately when you’re at home, old carpet just might be the cause. Different from other types of flooring, carpet functions as a passive filter that traps dust, dirt particles and pollen, taking them out of your home’s indoor air.

Studies indicate that people with allergy and asthma problems often experience an improvement in their symptoms after installing new carpet.

-Carpet adds comfort and warmth. Carpet supplies resistance (R-value) and thermal insulation. In the fall and winter, carpet is able to retain warm air for a longer period than other types of flooring. Additionally, it keeps your home cozier on cold nights and helps conserve energy.

-Carpet helps limit noise. With smart phones, high-end audio systems and large TVs, a busy household can be a pretty noisy place. Carpet actually helps absorb noises, which makes it easier to relax, work or rest. The cushion beneath your new carpet will reduce excess noise even more.

Carpet serves as a type of sound barrier in between floors because it blocks the transmission of sound to the rooms beneath it. Carpet on staircases, too, are effective at dampening noise.

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