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Flooring Naperville IL

Refinishing hardwood Flooring Naperville IL can make aging, worn down surfaces look entirely new once again. In many cases, professional refinishing by our experienced flooring experts it’s the only solution to restoring damaged, unsightly floors to their original appeal.

But how can a homeowner know when their hardwood floors are due for a refinishing? Take a close look at your floors. If you see any of the following telltale signs, a full refinishing will effectively restore and rejuvenate your floors

-Dents and scratches. Particularly in active households with young children and pets, it’s practically impossible to completely prevent some amount of minor scratches and dents in hardwood Flooring Naperville IL. But if those damages start to take up a large section of the floor and penetrate through the surface coating to the wood, only a thorough sanding will go deep enough to restore an undamaged, smooth surface. This is not only an aesthetic issue because once scratches get deep into the wood, it can leave Flooring Naperville IL prone to water damages.

Flooring Naperville IL

-Cupping. When floorboards begin to curve downwards from the edge it’s known as cupping. It not only looks unattractive, but it’s a sign that water damage is occurring. This sort of damage doesn’t just result from drips and spills – another cause can be humidity. Sanding will effectively resolve milder cupping. But if you see floorboards starting to separate or stick up, we will probably recommend replacement of those specific boards.

-Splinters. Stepping across hardwood Flooring Naperville IL without shoes can mean the risk of uncomfortable splinters. It can indicate that your floor’s sealant is wearing down and the wood beneath is incurring damages. Sanding is the sole method of getting underneath that damage to bring back safety and a smoother surface. Adding a fresh application of sealant will help protect this replenished surface for a long time to come.

-Floorboards turning gray. Sometimes mistaken for an unavoidable characteristic that adds charm to an older home, floorboards that are turning gray are often a sign of water damage. With professional refinishing by High Quality Flooring, those gray, aging floors can look practically new again. (However, floors that are beyond gray and turning black will require replacement.

-Water spots. Floorboards with stains and blemishes are a common indicator that water damage has occurred. Although some water stains can be avoided by simply cleaning up spills right away, unaddressed pipes leaks, pet accidents or air conditioning drips inevitably leave stains on hardwood Flooring Naperville IL over time. After these telltale signs appear, complete refinishing is necessary to reveal and safeguard the wood underneath them.

-Discoloration and fading. While a room that receives a lot of sunlight is certainly an attractive feature, sunlight exposure over time will cause wood floors to fade. If you’re noticing fading on your floor near windows or glass doors refinishing can restore a consistent color.

Considering a New Look for Your Home? Check Out These Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Naperville IL

-Safety. In contrast to some types of carpet, hardwood floors do not provide a place where debris and dust can collect. With a quick sweep, mop or run of the vacuum your floors will be clean again. In addition, you’ll have clean indoor air quality. Without grout or carpet fibers to trap pollen, pet dander or other allergens, you and your household will enjoy breathing easier. Hardwood Flooring Naperville IL is the right option for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Another benefit to the installation of hardwood floors is that it’s simply a safe choice for any home. Hardwood floors are a product that is solid and all-natural. The material doesn’t emit hazardous chemicals, which makes this type of floor among the very best.

-Easy to keep clean. If cleanliness is always a priority for you, hardwood floors are indeed a fine option. Regular sweeping and an occasional polish with a quality wood cleaning product is all it takes to keep your Flooring Naperville IL looking good. Just avoid using too much water while cleaning. Ask our flooring experts for tips about how to keep your floors in excellent condition. (A good way to minimize the dirt and debris that enters your home is to place floor mats by your doors.)

-Hardwood Flooring Naperville IL looks good. Naturally, you don’t only want clean, durable floors – you always want a lovely home. Quality hardwood surfaces is elegant and timeless. It adds a sophisticated element to any indoor space and is versatile enough to match seamlessly with any theme. This aspect of hardwood flooring makes it an enduring and very popular choice with Illinois homeowners.

-They’re very durable. It wouldn’t matter much how appealing a new floor looks if it is not going to last very long. With quality hardwood Flooring Naperville IL installed by High Quality Flooring, you can rest assured it will last for many years.

By caring for your new hardwood floors (simply sweeping it clean and keeping it dry) it will look great for a long time. It’s also helpful to protect your floor with area rugs to avoid surface marks from children and pets.

-They provide plenty of variety. When it comes to choosing your next new floor, there is no one-size suits all solution. Select between dark, light, patterns, knots and streaks to find a hardwood that is ideal to your style and décor theme.

-Pleasant acoustics. Naturally, the flooring won’t make any noises until your household begins walking over it. It’s difficult to predict how some floors will influence the acoustics. But hardwood flooring, homeowners don’t need to worry about noise. It’s a surface known for making spaces sound nearly as intimate as a record studio.

-Timeless appeal. The color and overall appearance of your hardwood Flooring Naperville IL won’t fade with time. To the contrary, a quality wood floor can actually help to enhance a home’s value. Maintain yours in good condition with basic, routine cleanings and refinishing occasionally. It’s easier and costs less in the long term, which makes it an economical, smart investment. Without a doubt, a simple method of protecting your wood floors is to just remember to sweep it regularly.

While you move throughout your home, even tiny particles of dirt, dust, gravel or other debris may result in unfortunate scratches and dents on the wood surface. If you develop the habit of sweeping it up frequently, you’ll significantly minimize the various factors that can impact the beauty of your Flooring Naperville IL.

Also, be sure to mop up spills right away. Liquid should not sit for long on a wood surface because as they dry, it becomes harder to thoroughly clean. Consequently, spills can become unsightly spots and stains on the wood. Even small drops of liquid can potentially penetrate into the surface and damage the wooden boards. Just use a soft washcloth to clean any leaks and spills as soon as you can and dry the area afterwards.

If you’re ready to improve your home with a beautiful new floor at competitive prices, contact High Quality Flooring today to schedule an estimate with one of our experienced installers.

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