Bruce Tree Trunk Brown LVP 20mil 6mm


Get the benefit of 100 percent waterproof protection with Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring!

With a solid wood floor, the main concern is always water and the damage that spills can do to hardwoods. With rigid core vinyl flooring, however, those worries are gone! Our professional flooring team can install it in any living space in your home – and you’ll have no concerns about messes and spills.

$2.99 sq. ft.

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Quality Flooring Resistant to Dents and Scratches

LifeSeal’s rigid, durable core construction efficiently incorporates a wear layer that resists dents, dings and scratches to keep the floors in your home looking good. It’s an ideal selection for those areas that see a lot of foot traffic in active households. Plus, its sound dampening qualities mean you won’t hear any “hollow sounds that other flooring materials produce. Rigid core vinyl flooring is available in 35 appealing colors with distressed and conventional wood looks including oak and maple. Or, you can select a natural stone option.

Got Pets? No Worries with Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

As much enjoy your dogs or cats, sometimes they might scratch up the floors in your home. With floors by LifeSeal, there’s no need to stress about it any longer. Its leading design effectively eliminates gaps where air pockets can form, which increases floor’s durability and hardness. Plus, because it’s waterproof, it’s an easy clean up when pets have an accident.

Let the Sun In!

In addition to scratch resistance, rigid core vinyl flooring includes a UV protective coating that prevents discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Another benefit is that humidity will not cause the flooring to contract and expand. So, you won’t need to worry about the floor cupping or crowning. LifeSeal flooring can be installed in a three-season rooms or any room that gets direct sun.

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