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Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL

Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL

When it comes to installing a new floor in your residence or commercial building, it’s important to make a dedicated effort to ensure it will look its very best for many years so you’ll get the most from the investment you’ve made. Scuffs, dings and scratches can give your interior spaces an older, dated appearance. But with the right maintenance and routing cleaning, your Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL will be able to withstand the test of time without problems.

Here are some useful tips that can keep your Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL looking great:

-Regular sweeping. Dirt and dust can scratch your floor, but the sooner you sweep the vinyl surface you’ll minimize the visible wear. Simply sweeping your floor consistently is the best method of keeping it free of scratches. Use a microfiber, quality mop or, if you’d prefer a vacuum, that’s fine too. However, do not use the “beater” bar on the vacuum for cleaning a Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL .

-Wash your vinyl floor once per week. If you give your floors a regular sweeping, it will not be necessary to wash them as frequently. (This, of course, varies depending upon how active your household is and how much foot traffic your floor receives.)

While mopping the floor, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations closely and do not use any harsh abrasives or chemicals. That would possibly strip away the protective top layer if you apply the wrong type of cleaning product. Stick with the suggested cleaners. If your floor is no-wax vinyl, then use a cleaner that is specifically for that floor type. Also, avoid using products with lotions, conditioners or wax because they could leave a filmy residue.

-Spot cleaning. Accidents will happen. Despite the moisture-resistant qualities of vinyl and its tough, durable top layer, discoloring and stains can still occur from exposure to certain chemicals and liquids. If any accidental spills happen, try to clean them up right away with damp cloths and a pH neutral cleaning product that is recommended by the manufacturer.

-Keep it shiny. There are two categories of vinyl: high gloss and low gloss. To ensure your Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL retains that ideal shine, apply a protective sealant specifically made for vinyl whenever it looks like it’s time to refresh it. This can vary based on the degree of wear and traffic the floor sustains.
As always, remember to use products and applications according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

-Prevent scrapes and scuffs. There are effective steps homeowners can take to protect their vinyl floors against scrapes that diminish its appearance. These can help to maintain your floors and keep them sufficiently clean:

-Use doormats and rugs at entrances. These are inexpensive items that help eliminate much of the moisture and dirt from getting on your Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL.
-Apply felt padding on to the bottom of tables, chairs and other furniture. This way, when you move your chair away from the table or rearrange the couch, you won’t risk putting scratches on the floor.
-Avoid scrubbing your floors. This can result in scratches to your floor’s protective top layer. If there are stains, use the appropriate product to gently clean it with a soft cloth.

Ensuring your Vinyl Flooring Bolingbrook IL looks its best for the long term requires consistent – but very “doable” maintenance. By following these useful tips you’ll get the most for your flooring.

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