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Carpet Installation St. Charles IL

Carpet Installation St. Charles IL

A Few Useful Tips on Cleaning Your Carpets

Whether there are area rugs in your home or wall-to-wall carpet, vacuuming once each week at least is a must—or more often if you have pets or your children. Stains and spills should be treated right away if you’re able to do so. Consider booking the services of a professional, dependable carpet cleaning contractor or doing a deep clean as a DIY project twice per year. A list of the equipment and materials to use includes:

-A spray bottle.
-Microfiber cloths.
-A sturdy, five-gallon bucket.
-Oscillating fan.
-Table salt.
-A scrub brush with stiff bristles.
-Old rags or towels.
-Baking soda.
-Distilled white vinegar.

A vacuum is still the most effective way of cleaning new Carpet Installation St. Charles IL. But if you do not have access to one, use a carpet sweeper or a traditional broom. For a thorough vacuuming, first move furniture and other items off the carpet. Adjust the vacuum to the appropriate height for the carpet to achieve adequate suction. Vacuum at a slow, even pace and go across high-traffic areas a few times for good results. Brighten and refresh the carpet with a generous sprinkling of fresh baking soda once per month. Let it remain there for an hour or so to sufficiently absorb odors and oily stains, then vacuum.

Spot-Cleaning Stains

It’s important to treat any carpet stains is as soon as possible. With a liquid spill, blot away the dampness with a cloth or paper towels. For more solid food or dirt stains, utilize the edge of a dull blade to lift up the solids. Do not rub a solid stain because it will only push it farther down into the carpet fibers.

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