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Flooring Aurora IL

Are you ready to upgrade the look of the rooms in your home or commercial building with new Flooring Aurora IL? Or, perhaps you’d like to change the look of all your interior spaces. While those are certainly good ideas, at High Quality Flooring we understand that comparing and researching different types of floors can seem like an overwhelming task.

If you’re not clear on where to begin, here’s a listing of some key benefits you can expect if you choose laminate Flooring Aurora IL for your home or business space:

-Durability. Resistant to scratches and very strong, laminate is without a doubt a durable surface. Because its resin surface coating and tough exterior layer provide lasting protection, laminate floors are an ideal choice for busy households with high foot traffic areas due to kids and pets.

Flooring Aurora IL

For general home and lighter commercial usage, be sure to consult with one of our knowledgeable staff on which type of laminate surface would be the right solution for you.

-Convenient installation. In comparison to some other types of Flooring Aurora IL, installing a laminate floor is typically a lot easier. A key reason is that the boards are made to interlock, which simply makes them easier to manage. Plus, our experienced installers can usually apply laminate over most types of floors. Consequently, that helps to save on installation time. Other flooring types often need to be nailed, glued or stapled in place. You can count on our team for expert installation that will promptly have your attractive new floors in place.

-Affordability. Laminate Flooring Aurora IL generally costs less than conventional wood floors. However, that affordability does not mean sacrificing on quality and appearance. At High Quality Flooring, you’ll find excellent flooring options for your budget.

-Subfloors. Due to its versatility, it’s possible to install laminate over nearly any subfloor, such as concrete or vinyl Flooring Aurora IL. In some cases if the installation of a wood floor would not be compatible with the subfloor, installing laminate is a good choice.

-A variety of styles available. Laminate flooring at High Quality Flooring is available in a wide selection of stone, tile and wood finishes. Plus, they are each available in various thicknesses, plank styles, surface types and colors.

-Easy to maintain and keep clean. The stain and moisture-resistant surface qualities of laminate makes it easy to clean up spills. There’s no need to use specialty cleaning products in order to keep your floor in top condition. A daily sweep up is all it takes.

-Hypoallergenic. Because there are no areas on a laminate floor that will trap in dust, pet dander and other potential allergens, it’s a great option if you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. The under layer of laminate provides a protective barrier against moisture, which is essential for preventing the risk of mold growth.

Other factors to consider with laminate:

Although laminate offers versatility, there are some limitations to take into account when it comes to where in your home or office you plan to install it. For example, if you are considering laminate for a bathroom or utility room, the risks of a potentially damaging water leak may make it a wrong choice. Kitchens are possible for laminate, but not necessarily advisable.

Laminates are manufactured to be water resistant but not full waterproof. The well-sealed external layer of laminate Flooring Aurora IL easily tolerates cleaning and mopping but once water makes its way under the edges, below the surface layer or in the locking system, it can cause the floor to swell and warp. Just ensure that you install your new laminate in a location where it won’t be at risk of water exposure.

Maintenance Tips for Laminate Flooring Aurora IL

Looking for a few guidelines on how to keep your laminate floors clean and looking good for years to come? Even though laminate might look just as appealing as hardwood, that does not mean homeowners should care for them in the same way.

The most effective way of cleaning laminate doesn’t involve the same methods you would utilize to keep oak planks shiny and clean. As opposed to hardwood, laminate Flooring Aurora IL needs specific care because simply refinishing the surface in the event of damage or stains isn’t an option. To avoid costly floor replacements, it’s essential to maintain your floor and treat it with care. (No stiletto heels, for example.) Whether your floor is new laminate or you just to keep your existing surfaces looking good, here’s a few recommendations:

-Take a few minutes to read through the cleaning directions that come along with your new laminate Flooring Aurora IL. Before you begin cleaning, check the manufacturer’s recommendations. The brand might have particular instructions based upon the materials.

-Don’t allow stains or spills to sit too long. The best tip for avoiding stains is to simply mop up spills right away. Liquids often are damaging to laminate surfaces, so it’s important to limit exposure.

-Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools. Since laminate can scratch, don’t clean yours with abrasive items such as steel wool. Instead, use a broom with soft bristles or a dust mop to brush away debris. If you plan to vacuum, use an attachment that does not have a rotating brush.

-Avoid using excess water on your laminate Flooring Aurora IL. Conventional
mopping is not advisable for laminate because the water might seep down into the seams and result in damage (such as swelling or bubbling). In addition, pools of water can lead to fading and staining.

-Do not use floor cleaner products that are not specifically labeled for laminate.
Oil-based cleaners might leave unsightly residue and streaks or even damage the protective layer of sealant on the floor. If you apply a quality laminate cleaner, use it sparing. Just apply it on a microfiber cloth or mop instead of directly onto the floor. Do not apply polish or wax on laminate Flooring Aurora IL.

-Typical household items can be effective for cleaning your laminate. In many cases, the best methods of cleaning and removing stubborn stains such as ink or gum are readily available. For example apply a bag of ice to candle wax or chewing gum and then remove it with a scraper or plastic utensil. For paint drops, crayon or nail polish, rubbing alcohol with usually get the job done.

-Protect the floor from future blemishes. To prevent future dents and scratches, consider adding furniture pads underneath table legs and chairs – particularly if you move them often. Rugs and floor mats — especially at entrances – also provide reliable protection.

-Remember the benefits of an old-fashioned welcome mat. Dirt and debris that tracks in from outdoors will not just dirty up your floor, but may also risk lasting damage to it. The grit and dirt, for instance, brought in by foot traffic, is among the main problems for laminate floors because it can cause scratches and dull the surface. A durable welcome mat provides visitors a chance to clean off their shoes and go easier on your floor.

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