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Naperville IL Carpet Store

Naperville IL Carpet Store

Looking for a Naperville IL Carpet Store with a wide array of top quality, attractive carpet to choose from? High Quality Flooring is minutes away in Bolingbrook. If the floors in your home are looking dated, consider just a few benefits to installing new carpet:

-Feels softer underfoot. Do you walk around in your home barefoot much of the time? Think of new carpet as a built-in comfort system that covers your flooring. The carpet fibers feel soft and the padding and thickness add another layer of cushioning.

-Warmer living spaces. If you’re weary of stepping onto chilly floors, new carpet could be an ideal replacement. It provides an insulation effect on floors by helping to retain warmth.

When flooring is consistently warmer it can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. With the additional insulation of new carpet, you may be able to set your thermostat a couple degrees lower. The flooring from Naperville IL Carpet Store will make you feel more comfortable and help to contain more heat in your living spaces. Lowering your thermostat by approximately seven to ten degrees over an eight- hour period daily can reduce your heating bills.

-Improves acoustics. The carpet’s fibers and padding beneath also providing insulate against noise. Instead of permitting sound waves to bounce off the floor, new carpet tends to absorb it, which cuts down on echo and noise. Plus, carpet cushions your footsteps, which can be loud on a harder floor surface.

The dampened effect makes your living spaces feel more inviting and warmer. It can be particularly beneficial in busy areas that get noisy. The acoustical improvement is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms where a quieter environment is preferred.

High Quality Flooring is located at 501 South Weber Road, Unit 106 in Bolingbrook.

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