Cocoa Bean 3 1/4 in Solid Oak Hardwood


Cocoa Bean 3.25 inch Oak Solid Hardwood .25 inch wide by .75 inch – thick, low gloss

Prefinished Hardwood Made in the U.S.A. – Prime Harvest Flooring

$4.50 sq. ft.

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Fine craftsmanship and top-grade Appalachian hardwood goes into the construction of this prefinished, quality selection available at High Quality Flooring. The result is wood flooring that presents a consistent and enduring color that is resistant to bowing or warping over time as opposed to other hardwood floor materials of lesser quality.

You can choose from a solid or engineered hardwood flooring – and it’s back with a 50-year residential warranty regardless of which material you choose!

A Variety of Attractive Colors and Widths

High Quality Flooring offers over 100 prefinished hardwood floor options:

-Choose from oak, white oak, red oak, maple or hickory flooring.
-Then, select a color that complements your interior furnishings and style preferences. The color scheme choices include several from white, beige or gray to copper.
-Select a plank width that fits your room from 2.25 inches for a traditional aesthetic to 7.5 inches for a more rustic look.
-Lastly, choose a gloss level you prefer with a low, medium or high gloss finish.

Select Grade Hardwood Floors

Regardless of the specie of hardwood you choose, we use only a select grade hardwood to ensure excellent quality. The result is a prefinished hardwood floor that shows minimal imperfections and a uniform color. Also, the flooring have limited holes or knots. The characteristics of each species can vary. Whether you want a species with a subtle grain or a strong grain, a higher grade hardwood typically has fewer streaks and knots so the floor is consistent and even throughout the room.

We use nothing but the very best quality hardwood and finishes so our customer can invest in their wood floors with confidence.

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