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Vinyl Plank Store St. Charles IL

Vinyl Plank Store St. Charles IL

Planning to redo the floors in your home or business? Check out our Vinyl Plank Store St. Charles IL – we’re a quick trip away in Bolingbrook – and consult with our flooring experts about which vinyl floor options are ideal for you.

-A budget-friendly choice. Vinyl planks are among the most competitively-priced flooring options on the marketplace. Prices can differ depending on the brand, pattern and thickness.

-A wide selection of finishes. Vinyl is printed with various looks, colors and patterns. It is available in tile, simulated stone and even patterns that replicate wood grains. Many of these pleasing styles, particularly luxury vinyl, appear similar to the real materials. This makes it possible to achieve the look of hardwood without the costs or more challenging installation.

-Resilience. Vinyl flooring offers exceptional durability, which is major advantage to consider for active households where there’s a high volume of traffic.

-Easy maintenance. Many varieties available at our Vinyl Plank Store St. Charles IL are made with a sturdy protective coating which makes it very resistant to stains and dirt. That, makes cleaning easier than a lot of other flooring types. Spills and smudges wipe up quickly. As long as you mop and sweep occasionally, your vinyl plank floors will perform well for years to come.

-Simple and convenient installation. With the advent of vinyl planks as an alternative to inconvenient, heavy rolls, vinyl flooring is easier than ever to install. The tiles feature plastic backings that peel away to reveal and adhesive. Then, simply press them into place. That is what makes vinyl floor installation a DIY project for many homeowners. If an area is stained or scratched, you can repair or replace it with new vinyl rather than redoing the entire floor.

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