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Flooring Store Naperville IL

Flooring Store Naperville IL

Hardwood floors are not just an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of your home, but they are also remarkably resilient. Here are a few tips for maintaining your floors so they always look good:

-Some scratches are unavoidable, so don’t press the panic button if you’re seeing a few smaller scratches. There are, though, a few sure indications that it’s probably time for a refinishing. If there are several scratches and they are very noticeable over a wide area, don’t delay to call our Flooring Store Naperville IL to schedule our refinishing services. It will likely be necessary if you’re able to see scratches and indentations that are so deep they surpass the coating on the surface. The stain first applied on hardwood serves as a shield against excess moisture. So, in the event scratches are allowing a pathway into the wood, water will steadily begin to seep in and cause a problem.

Make a note to periodically examine your flooring for any chips and large gouges, too. If the scratches are through the surface level stain and gets in the wood, it could leave your floor far more vulnerable to damage.

-Water damage. Risk of water problems is one of the few concerns with hardwood floors. An engineered hardwood floor is typically made to be more resistant to water than a solid hardwood floor. Still, either type can be vulnerable to water staining and other blemishes if they are continually exposed to moisture. A quality sealant will help to keep liquid spills from penetrating into your floor, although if your home has a history of plumbing or flood problems, it can definitely spell trouble for wood floors.

For instance, water seepage into floors can frequently lead to warping or cause the boards to separate. In some cases if the water exposure has been ongoing, even a refinishing might not be sufficient to remedy the problem. Warped or buckling hardwood floors will probably require replacement.

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