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Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL

Thanks to continuing improvements in flooring technologies as well as its versatility, Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL remains a popular choice for homeowners in the Chicagoland suburbs. The following are just a few of important benefits to installing vinyl floors in your home.

-Easy on your budget. Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL happens to be among the more affordable types of floor materials in the industry. Prices can differ depending on the brand, pattern and thickness, but we’re confidence our customers will find there are many affordable and attractive options to consider here in our showroom.

-Resilient and durable. Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL is also even more long-lasting than many homeowners may realize. The engineered vinyl flooring variety, for example, a wood plastic composite which takes vinyl to another level of durability. While practically any type of floor surface can sustain scratches and dings over time, vinyl stands up remarkably well to the foot traffic from kids and pets found in busy households.

Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL

2. A Vast Array Of Finishes
Vinyl is now printed in a wide variety of looks, patterns and colors. It is available in simulated stone, tile and even wood grain patterns. Many of these styles, especially luxury vinyl, look almost like the real material they are simulating. This allows for achieving, for example, the look of hardwood in any room without the cost or difficult installation.

4. Easy To Maintain Vinyl Flooring Naperville IL
Today’s vinyl floor varieties have a resilient protective coating that makes it resistant to staining and dirt. This makes cleanup easier than many flooring types. Spills and splashes wipe up easily, and as long as you sweep and mop it occasionally, it will continue to perform for years to come.

5. Installation Has Advanced And Simplified
With the development of vinyl tiles as an alternative to bulky, inconvenient rolls, vinyl is easier to install than ever before. The tiles have plastic backs that peel off to reveal adhesive. They can then be pressed into place. This makes vinyl flooring installation a DIY possibility. If an area is scratched or stained, the affected tile can be removed and replaced with a new one instead of having to redo the whole floor.

6. Water-Resistant And Insulating
Vinyl creates an insulating layer in the home that can help with efficiency and feeling good while walking on it. It is also resistant to water and moisture, unlike real wood flooring. Choosing printed vinyl instead of real wood allows for a wood look in rooms where this is normally not possible, such as in a bathroom or kitchen.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first developed decades ago. If you haven’t considered vinyl for your Ottawa or Orleans home, you should give it another look. With so many features and benefits, it’s an excellent flooring choice for any room. Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East to get started with a free consultation today

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Floor Coverings International® has a broad range of vinyl textures and colors that check off everything you want. Because it’s so easy to install, we’re sure you could find a vinyl flooring option that would fit perfectly with your property. Our vinyl offerings are quality-made, elegant and strong because of our partnership with the leading manufacturers.

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